A core specialty is the preparation of tax returns for individual and business taxpayers. Over the years literally 1000's of Federal and State returns have been prepared and filed. We prepare unfiled tax returns from previous tax years, amended tax returns for previous tax years, S Corporation tax returns, partnership tax returns, trust tax returns, and estate tax returns.  We prepare state tax returns for any state in the United States, in addition to federal tax returns. 


Our tax preparers are very detailed and will help you discover all the opportunities available when filing your current year taxes. We take you through a checklist of IRS-approved items that created write-offs for you.

We scrutinize your return to determine if there are any other write offs available.

Then we will advise you on other steps to take to create deductions for the current year and future years.

Our goal is to legally allow you to pay less taxes.

Our strategic tax planning, preparation and filing of individual tax returns.

We handle all types of income; wages, investments, businesses, foreign income, Rental Property Income, etc.